Learning Letters is FUN!



We have been learning letters in Junior Kindergarten and have been having so much fun doing so! The kids are really enjoying the fun letter videos, letter songs, activities and practice writing/home-learning work we have been doing. We have already learned the letter S and A and the kids know both the letter name and the sound it makes. The reason I am teaching the letters out of ABC order is because it allows kids to started blending and segmenting letters together to make words sooner. I am also doing this because it sets kids up to start with more difficult letter writing, allowing them to master these over time and continue similar line trends in other letters (such as S having similar curves to the letter C).


We have also started using our letter catchers for our morning messages. We are working on recognizing the letters we have learned in everyday things we do. Start to ask your kids if they recognize the letters we are learning at school at the grocery store, on license plates, on store signs and anywhere in your house. Make a game of it and see how many they can find! This repetition and continuous recognition can continue to build their knowledge and understanding of letters, helping them branch into the beginning stages of reading!

~ Miss. Kim

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