Pumpkin Math


What a great month we have had and such a beautiful fall!

The kids really enjoyed our math exploration last week with our friend Peter the pumpkin. I introduced the kids to estimation! We made guesses as to how many seeds Peter had inside of him and then we sorted through his slimy guts and counted his seeds. We couldn’t even believe he had 319 seeds!!! We were all very shocked as we thought he had less than 72.


Once we finished sorting through his guts and counting out Peter’s seeds, we decided our friend needed a beautiful face!!


I introduced the idea of voting to the kids so we could  make sure Peter’s face had fair input from each student in our class. We voted on triangle, square and circular eyes. Triangle eyes got the most votes. We then moved onto the nose and again, triangle won the votes. Then we moved to Peter’s mouth. We had three options: a big smiling mouth, a zig zag mouth or a smiling mouth with teeth. The zig zag mouth won the vote and then half moon eyebrows also won over the majority of the kids.

I introduce you to Peter, our lovely classroom pumpkin! The students love Peter and think he turned out GREAT!


We are all excited to start learning more about our shapes this upcoming week and learning how to draw them and turn them into beautiful pictures!

~ Miss. Kim

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