Exploring Winter & Snow!!!

In JK we have been exploring winter and SNOW!!! Thank goodness the weather has been cooperating with us and we have been able to play outside… Finally!!!  We have been sliding on the hill, slipping down the extra slippery slides and making snow angels. It has been so much FUN!

Today we explored with snow and science!!! We started by filling a jar to the top with snow!

Students were asked to estimate where they think the snow would melt to once it turned into water. We had a variety of different guesses from the kids.

photo 3-2

Once the snow had melted, kids were so surprised to see how little water was left in the vase. This really allowed students to see how little water was needed to make a lot of snow. Students also noticed how dirty the water was, hopefully helping them realize that snow isn’t always the best treat to eat haha!!!

photo 3-4

After we did this experiment, we decided to create our own snow! With two simple ingredients, hair conditioner and baking soda, we were able to create a life-like replica of snow! It was even cold to touch and smelt amazing!!!

photo 4-2 photo 5-2 photo 2-4photo 3-3 photo 5-3

During centres, we put the snow in our sensory table and included some fun Canadian animals so the kids could get messy and have fun exploring with our class-made SNOW!!!

photo 2-5

We have had a lot of fun in JK!!!

~ Miss. Kim

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