Introducing the Lovebug: JK’s Endangered Species

In Junior Kindergarten we are exploring what endangered species are, why they become endangered and what it means for these animals to be in danger. To help the students further understand these ideas and concepts, we created an endangered species of our own: The Lovebug.

photo 1-11

The Lovebug is a small creature that uses hopping as its main method of travel. Without arms, these cuddly and loveable little creatures are fuzzy with long ears that help them hear when danger is near. Our Lovebug friends are in danger because they have a very small habitat, they are very delicate and LOUD noise easily scares them. When they are too scared they run away, forgetting the location of their habitat and being lost from their species forever.

Our friends in Junior Kindergarten are working hard to maintain the Lovebugs habitat so they are no longer in danger and so they can live a happy life. We are working hard to give them a safe place to live that isn’t too loud, that promotes gentle and caring relationships and that fosters a loving kindness with everyone.

photo 5-8

We have focused on creating our Lovebugs by first drawing them out and then writing about what they like. We have all given our Lovebugs names as well. This exercise has helped us to work on our independent writing skills as well as our drawing and colouring skills, using detail. During class we will be letting our Lovebugs work with us in our school environment, being aware of their fears and ensuring we maintain a habitat in which they are happy. This habitat will also help each of us with focusing on our work, creating a healthy, happy and tranquil habitat, not only for our Lovebugs, but for us as well!

photo 3-8photo 2-11

We are excited to welcome and introduce the Lovebug species to their new home and soon-to-be wonderful habitat: Miss. Kim’s Junior Kindergarten Class!

photo 4-8

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