Happy 100th Day of JK!


What an exciting and fun-filled day today was! We were so excited to celebrate the 100th day of Junior Kindergarten!

To celebrate 100 days of JK, we started by counting to 100 in a variety of different ways, we jumped as much as we could in 100 seconds and we listened to some fun 100 days songs.

After recess we did an exciting scavenger hunt to find the 100 chocolate kisses that were hidden throughout our classroom.

IMG_7158 IMG_7157 IMG_7156 IMG_7155 IMG_7154

IMG_7160 IMG_7159 IMG_7162

Once they were all found we sorted them by colour and counted them as a group to make sure we had found all the kisses that were hidden. We even got to taste how yummy the kisses were, definitely deserved after all that hard searching!

In the afternoon we read the story “Wolf’s Chicken Stew” and created our own 100th day stew. We added all kinds of goodies including cheerios, marshmallows, popcorn and more!


After we each got a scoop of the ten delicious snacks for our stew, we mixed them up and started our big math project to count and sort our tasty treats by 10s, until we made it to 100!!!


IMG_7186 IMG_7178 IMG_7182 IMG_7188 IMG_7179

When we were done all that counting and sorting we were finally allowed to munch on some of our tasty treats!

We did a lot of counting today and had so much fun celebrating our 100th day of Junior Kindergarten!!!


~ Miss. Kim

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