Our Lovebugs’ Adventures Book


Starting today, each weekend a new friend in our classroom will be taking home their Lovebug for a weekend adventure. They will have this bag with our Lovebug book and their Lovebug in a travel-size habitat.


Students each get two pages in our book to document with pictures, drawings and words, what they did on the weekend with their Lovebug! The front page of the book explains, in details, what the students are to do over the weekend with their Lovebug! Each child will then get an opportunity to share with the class the part of the book they wrote and illustrated!

Remember: the Lovebug is an endangered species and requires a habitat that is quiet, loving, kind and caring. They could be scared away if this habitat is not maintained and continue to be endangered forever! Help your children to maintain this and have the best weekend ever with their new friend!

Enjoy having the Lovebug species introduced to your home for the weekend and remember to remind your child to return the bag, book and lovebug (in travel-size habitat) to school on the Monday after the weekend!

Have Fun!!!

~ Miss. Kim

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