WOW!!! I am so impressed with my JK friends and the work they do everyday in our classroom! They all work so hard and do their best with the projects given.

Our letter scrapbooks continue to challenge my friends with the amount of tracing, cutting, gluing and decorating that is required. However; every time we complete this activity, the kids are engaged and work so hard to make their work very detailed and beautiful.



These scrapbooks are becoming a beautiful piece of art that I know my friends will cherish forever!

Keep up the great work!


During centres and other fun projects we do in JK, students are also wowing me with the progress they are making since the beginning of the year.

Students are pushing themselves to do more and to work harder in very creative ways. A couple examples are shown below:


Isabella shows us how to sort in a very organized way that helps other friends recognize successful strategies for this task!


Cian, Aleksander and Archie are working great together as a building team in our newest mystery centre! Making a race track for their vehicles to successfully speed down sparks the interest of other friends to check it out and try it for themselves!!!


Juan Andres and Archie worked hard during shelf centres to measure things in the classroom with Lego blocks! After measuring the carpets, shelves and easel, they invited Masha to explore and measure how many Lego blocks it would take to get from our classroom all the way to the bathrooms!

IMG_7265 IMG_7268

Other students in our classroom got excited to get involved! We estimated the number of blocks and some students eagerly said:

“One billion!” ~ Branden

“One hundred and sixty two!” ~ Ana

“One hundred!” ~ Hona

“A googol!” ~ Nathan


After doing the counting and figuring it out, we determined that it took 426 Lego blocks to get from our JK classroom all the way down to the bathrooms! Impressive work JK!!!


We are also working hard to explore new friendships and try out new activities together! The light table is always an exciting tool to use during shelf centres! We can do a lot of fun letter, number, colour and building activities with it!

We have also really been enjoying our building activities, especially our PIRATE SHIP!


Our friends get excited to paint our ship bright and beautiful colours!


Mona, Hilary and Isabella get started on the building!

After all of our hard work, we were so excited to finally play in our cool pirate ship!


Branden and Teagan man the ship while other friends get the treasure ready to load on board! Ava adds some fun jellyfish to the boat while Aleksander ensures the mast is safe and ready to sail!


Nathan protects our treasure while Hilary and Hona ensure we have made enough gold! Juan Andres is keeping us safe by looking for other ship encounters through a beautifully crafted telescope!

We have been having so much fun and working so hard in JK! Everyday is an adventure and we can’t wait for more!!!

~ Miss. Kim

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