To Sink or Float!?


This week in our exciting Junior Kindergarten science, we experimented with what it means to sink or float. We gathered a variety of items for this experiment, including cotton balls, big lego, little lego, glass pebbles, sparkly rocks, popsicle sticks, raw pasta pieces, pom poms, foam hearts, an elastic band, etc. and we laid them out on a table with a large clear bowl of water. We ensured we could all see the line of water, allowing us to see if the item sunk below the water line or floated on top of it.

We gathered the information that floating means an item is so light that it can stay on top of the surface of water and sinking means an item is so heavy that it will pass the surface and go all the way down to the bottom.

IMG_7310 IMG_7312

With this information, we each took turns selecting an item and voting with our peers as to whether we thought the item would sink or float.  We were very excited to vote and express our opinions and we were even more excited, and often surprised, to see what actually happened. It was especially cool to see that the cotton ball floated on the surface until it filled with water, then it sank. The lego surprised us all as both big and little pieces floated when we were sure they would sink! We even noticed that a few items would start out floating and eventually sink to the bottom, like our plastic letter O. When we looked at our experiment the next day we saw that some items had changed, noticing that the foam packing peanut was almost completely dissolved!!!

IMG_7308 IMG_7307

This science experiment was a lot of fun! We enjoyed talking about floating and sinking and we were excited to see what happened to each of the items we placed in the bowl!

~ Miss. Kim

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