Not JUST a Cloud…

In JK we have been exploring weather and we talked about clouds and how they can cause rain and snow, as well as influencing other types of weather we experience. We also discussed how clouds can create beautiful shapes in the sky that look like so much more than just clouds.

For a fun art project, we created clouds in the sky. We had to complete the sentence: “I looked up in the sky and thought I saw a _____________ but it was just a cloud floating by”. 


With the use of cotton balls and glue, we created clouds that looked like something more exciting, adding details with colours and our imaginations. Some of the ideas we came up with were horse, mermaid, spider monkey, flower, polar bear, boat and more!

IMG_7357 IMG_7356 IMG_7355 IMG_7354

Come check out the beautiful final products on the walls in our JK classroom!!!

~ Miss. Kim

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