4Cats Art Studio: Splatter Painting!!!



We all had so much fun at 4Cats Art Studio exploring with splatter painting.

We have done some practice splatter painting in class, as well as talking about Jackson Pollock to prepare us. These activities got us even more excited for our big field trip today!

We got on the bus this morning with lots of excitement to get there.

IMG_7467 IMG_7469

When we arrived we met up with our parent volunteer groups and got ready to get SUPER MESSY!

We started by selecting one colour for the background of our canvas.

 IMG_7481  IMG_7484

After we finished painting the canvas with our colour, we selected three more colours for our splatter painting. We carried our canvas paintings into the fancy SPLATTER PAINTING ROOM.


We were shown how to throw the paint to make awesome splatters and we added the word HI-YAH in there to make it even more fun!

IMG_7492 IMG_7493 IMG_7494 IMG_7495

After we finished our splattering, we had to get cleaned up from the paint that made its way in our hair, on our clothes and all over our faces!

IMG_7498 IMG_7502

We finished with a snack and some super fun spin painting!


What a fabulous field trip! We all had so much fun and we were pretty tired on the bus ride back to River Valley School!


We had a great time today as our artist selves. We can’t wait to take our paintings home once they are dried and completed!

~ Miss. Kim




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