Let It Grow: JK Plants Flowers!

Let It Grow


The Tale of JK’s Growing Seeds

Last week we finished decorating our flower pots with beautiful sparkly paint, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies and gems! We created a beautiful home that we were excited about putting our flowers in to live.

photo 2-13 photo 1-12

 On Friday last week, we put up our green thumbs and finally planted our seeds. We all planted different flowers including Bachelor’s Buttons, Cosmos, Baby Blue Eyes, Marigolds and Nasturtiums. We packed down the soil, planted each seed individually, watered them and gave our seeds words and songs of encouragement for healthy growing!

photo 5-10photo 3-9photo 3-10

photo 4-10

This morning when we came to school we were SO excited to see the first signs of life in some of our little plants! The first plants to grow were the Bachelor’s Buttons and the Cosmos!

photo 4-9 photo 5-9

All of our happy thoughts, beautiful singing, sunshine and water have helped to start our little plants lives. Our green thumbs are greener than ever in JK and we are having so much fun with our gardening experiment!

We are so excited to continue watching them grow taller and TALLER!

~ Miss. Kim

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