Watch Us Grow

The kids in JK have been showing wonderful improvements in their language and mathematic skills. I have added numerous new shelf centres to the classroom that challenge the kids in new and exciting ways. We have been working on sight words as well as math equations and addition! The kids are loving the new challenges and enjoy working with each other to solve problems together.

Here are a few photos of the new things the kids have been doing in JK!! Take a look and see how much they are growing!

IMG_8168 IMG_8166

*With our new math boards, the kids work hard solving a variety of math equations. They select numbers to input into the equation and use a variety of counting strategies we have worked on together to complete the addition problems! Way to go friends!


*We have been playing a new math game called MINE! The goal of the game is to have the most cards at the end! Each child has a stack of cards and randomly flips one over at a time. The child with the biggest number (or smallest, depending on what skills we are working on) shouts MINE and keeps the cards in their win pile. This math game helps the kids understands which numbers have a larger or smaller value when compared together.


* The kids have been using play dough as a creative way to work on their sight words! By creating the words out of play dough, the kids are mastering their fine motor skills as well as fully recognizing and replicating the letters that make up each word. This helps with recognition of these words for reading purposes as well!


* Another creative way to work on sight words is with our sand boxes. The kids select words to use and trace them in the sand. This helps with building confidence in their own writing especially with tricky letters that have lots of curves.

IMG_8164 IMG_8163

* We are also practicing writing out words that have similar letters or that rhyme. This helps the kids sound out words and recognize similar words right away. This also builds confidence with their printing and it promotes self-correction of letter formation.

IMG_8135 IMG_8128 IMG_8127

* I incorporate a large amount of art into the classroom using a variety of unique and exciting techniques. Here we are using q-tips as our paintbrush, we have also created pom-pom paintbrushes, we have done sponge painting, finger painting and splatter painting!


* Our classroom library is always a great resource for the kids as they are constantly introduced to new books. I restock this every 2-3 weeks with fiction and non-fiction books that fit our classroom areas of study for that time. The kids love looking at the pictures, telling the stories with the pictures, as well as starting to read the words! Great job JK!

I am so excited to share some of the stuff we have been working on as well as our progress in JK thus far! The kids have been working extremely hard and their growth is tremendous and truly shows!

Great job JK! I am so proud of all of you!

~ Miss. Kim

One thought on “Watch Us Grow

  1. You have some great ideas; Archie has loved this year and has come on so much. Thank you for making him love learning.

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