Adventures of Three Little Ducks

Today in JK we had to say farewell to three sweet members of our classroom that we grew to love and enjoy. Our three duck friends, Beanie, Peanut and Sweet-Sweet, went back home to their farm. We enjoyed having them for three weeks, teaching them to walk, swim, eat, drink and run!

Here is a little recap about the excitement and fun we had with our JK classrooms baby ducks!

First comes baby Beanie!


We watched the incubator excitingly all day hoping something would happen.

IMG_8981 IMG_8980

It wasn’t until late that evening that our sweet Beanie decided to start pushing his way out of his little egg.


Pushkin pushed hard to get out of his egg too, but unfortunately he wasn’t strong enough to survive.

We woke up the next morning to a sweet new friend!


Beanie got lots of love and excitement at school and enjoyed meeting everyone!

IMG_9063  IMG_9062


We soon had our second friend Peanut hatch. This little sweety was so exhausted after coming out of her shell!


But Beanie was so thrilled to finally have a friend join him!



It wasn’t long after that when our last little guy Sweet-Sweet pushed and pushed at the cracked egg until finally he had squeezed himself all the way out.

IMG_9082 IMG_9104

And we were all very excited to have three friends join our JK family!


We were so excited to welcome to the world our little ducks! We couldn’t wait to start playing with them and learning more about the life of a duck.

IMG_9071 IMG_9171

IMG_9034 IMG_9072

IMG_9172 IMG_9033

We wrote about how much we loved our new friends, what we wanted to teach them, as well as documenting some of the things they did with us.

We were all so eager to get our ducks up and moving. First thing we did was introduce Peanut to walking with the help of our friend Beanie.

IMG_9124 IMG_9126

It wasn’t long until Sweet-Sweet joined in on the fun too!


The next thing we wanted to do was teach them how to swim so we brought them a little bowl of water to see what they would do.


After being very skeptical, they all started splashing around the water. It was so cute to watch them play in the water together. We all really enjoyed it!

IMG_9150 IMG_9154

Our next step was introducing them to more water so we used the sensory table to explore more with our friends.

IMG_9168 IMG_9182 IMG_9169

They LOVED the water and enjoyed swimming around. It was so cute when Mrs. Marley had to towel dry them since the little down feathers they had couldn’t dry on their own.

Everyday the ducks grew bigger and bigger. No one could believe how huge they were getting and we then thought they were finally ready for a tour of the school and they followed us as we waddled down the hallway together.

IMG_9299 IMG_9298 IMG_9295 IMG_9290

On the last day we had our ducky friends, we took them outside to enjoy the rain with us.

IMG_9301 IMG_9302 IMG_9307 IMG_9304

They loved playing in the puddles and splashing around with us. The best part was when we walked from puddle to puddle and they FOLLOWED us! As we discovered, a ducks natural instinct is to follow and they thought we were all their mommies and daddies so they followed us wherever we went outside and it was so exciting to see and very fun to watch! We all had lots of giggles!

IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9311

The time did finally come for us to say goodbye and although it was sad, we were excited for our friends to head back to their home to see their real mom and dad.

We created a very nice thank you card for the lady who gave us our sweet friends and they were nestled together for a trip back home.

IMG_9321 IMG_9322 IMG_9323


We will miss Beanie, Peanut and Sweet-Sweet but we were so excited they got to join us in JK for the time that we had them. What an experience watching them hatch, walk, run, swim and interact together. We truly watched a little miracle and our friends at River Valley School got to witness it!


Enjoy life on the farm friends!

~ Miss. Kim

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