Building a Lego Table: How To

Since I am so eager to welcome my new kindergarten class, I can’t stop building and creating exciting things that I get to share with them.

This evening I built a Lego table with my Dad and thought I would share the tutorial of how to since it is so easy to do, cheap and a favourite place to engage in amongst the kids!

The items you need to create this are:


IKEA Lack Table – $9.99

4 Lego Panels – $4.99 each

Adhesive Spray

Painters Tape

First, build the IKEA table, and then measure out the size of the panels so you have even edges around the border of the table. Use painters tape around the sides to prevent a sticky mess.


Once the painters tape has been applied, use your adhesive spray and throughly cover the table top. We sprayed it straight across going down and side to side to ensure the table would be sticky enough to hold the Lego pieces in place.


Then quickly place the Lego panels in the proper spaces and press down hard to ensure they stick. Make sure to line them up carefully as you can’t easily go back once you have placed the pieces down.

IMG_0316 IMG_0317

*Make sure you line up the Lego dots properly so Lego bricks can easily click into place on the board.


Peel off the painters tape and …


VOILA!!! You have an amazing Lego table that kids love to play with and build masterpieces on!


~ Miss. Kim

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