Kindergarten is AWESOME!

We’ve been having a BLAST in KA so far! We have been doing lots of exciting things in our current campus although we all can’t wait to get into our Early Learning Campus.

Today we enjoyed doing lots of fun things in our KA class!

We started our Animated Literacy program by introducing a fun song that we use throughout the year: Are You Sleeping. We first discussed sleeping and how we like to wake up vs. the worst ways to wake up. We read a funny story about a not so sleepy sheep named Russell.


We also drew pictures of our favourite places to sleep. Some of these included:

“in my mommies bed”

“on my bed in the backyard”

“in a tent under the stars”

“in my bed with lots of teddies”

We then had music with Mrs. Jamie and we got to play instruments for the first time! Some of the instruments we played were tambourines, triangles and ticking wood blocks. It was so much fun!

We enjoyed a little time outside at recess in the first snow of the season! It was chilly but lots of fun!

photo 1

photo 2

We then enjoyed playing a fun name game that continues to help us all remember the names of each of the friends in our classroom!

photo 3

We started doing some fun math with jewel manipulatives, working on one-to-one correspondence when counting.

6 7 5

No day is ever complete without a snack break and some fun body breaks to keep our energy levels high!

9 4

Kindergarten ROCKS! We can’t wait to learn more every single day!

~ Miss. Kim


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