Exploration Table Before & After

So a few weekends ago I got very crafty and built a Lego table with my Dad and we also refurbished a previously loved kids table that Mrs. Lana gave me! I call it my kindergarten EXPLORATION TABLE!

photo 2

When I received the table it was a basic white colour with stickers and sticker goo on it, areas where the paint was chipped off, and marker and crayon marks as well. It was definitely enjoyed very much before I got my crafty hands on it!

Here is what we did to make this transformation happen:

IMG_0312 IMG_0311

After peeling off the stickers and wiping off all the markings, we started sanding away.


Once we sanded the table completely, we got ready to paint it with Behr’s Aqua Wish, my favourite colour!!!

IMG_0307 IMG_0324


We did two coats of high gloss paint on both the bottom and top of the table.

IMG_0331 photo 1

Once it was dried and finished, we brought it into my classroom and created an amazing table for exploration!


This table will be used for all kinds of exciting things including: exploring interesting items with magnifying glasses to help us with inspiration for story writing etc., for displaying neat things in our classrooms like our sensory and I-Spy bottles, for displaying interesting work we do together and many other things that allow us to EXPLORE!!!

~ Miss. Kim

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