KA Treequiry


Meet our new friend, Lovey the Love Tree!

She is a very TALL deciduous tree, with lots of yellow and green leaves and many branches. She lives next to our beautiful new playground and she feels bumpy, smooth and hard!

IMG_0744 IMG_0740


We spent some time in her beautiful shade this afternoon talking about reasons we love her as a tree!


After reading a classic story by Shel Silverstein: The Giving Tree, we all felt inspired to find our own giving tree at the ELC, and so we did! Except this time we decided we didn’t want Lovey the Love Tree to give us anything more than she already does. In KA we decided that it is our turn to give back to the trees some of the love and beauty that they give to us every single day! We talked a bit about the trees that died and fell down from the snow storm this past week and it made us all feel a little bit sad. So we got right down to it and put our heads together to kick start an exciting new Treequiry (tree inquiry)!

Some ways we talked about helping the trees were:

“We could dig the trees back into the ground to make them happier and fix their branches.”

“Maybe if we plant the branches, the roots will grow.”

“If we water the tree, the leaves will grow and then we can do it again and again and again and it will be alive again.”

“Let’s collect the branches and then put seeds on the ground to make them grow!”

“We can tape the branches back together.”

The kids in KA had so many exciting ideas about different ways we can show love to Lovey the Love Tree and ways we can help the broken and sad trees in our city.

Stay tuned for more on our classroom Treequiry as we dive deeper as exploring scientists into the lives of trees!

~ Miss. Kim

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