Scouts Camp: Day 1 & 2

Scouts Camp at Camp Gardner has been a BLAST so far!

Day 1:

We got to learn all about BEAVERS and the amazing things that they do! Some cool facts we learned is that beavers teeth NEVER stop growing! Also, we learned that they squirt an oil from their bums that they cover their body in, providing them with a waterproof layer! SO COOL! Beavers also smack their tails down loudly when they want to give out a warning to other beavers!


We got to dress Miss. Kim up like a beaver too! She was wearing a thick fur layer, a waterproof layer, goggles, a nose plug, ear muffs and she had oil to put on her for water protection! It was so silly!


We played some fun log tag and journaled about these really cool animals!


Day 2:

Today was a wet and rainy day at camp but it was AMAZING! We couldn’t wait to get off the bus and spend the morning in the shoes (or paws) of a bear!


First we learned all about grizzly bears and black bears. We discovered that grizzly bears have a big hump on their back and black bears have dog like noses and teeth!


We then went out in the woods and built our very own bear dens out of logs, rocks and trees! It was fun building dens to keep us dry in the rain!

IMG_0903 IMG_0900 IMG_0892


Look how awesome some of them turned out!



We can’t wait for more exciting adventures at Camp Gardner this week!

~ Miss. Kim

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