Week Reflection in Kindy A


In Kindergarten A last week we had so many fun and exciting things going on!

We first started our week off with chance to meet our friend baby Andrew and puppy McCoy.


We learned that Andrew is 7 months old, he has two teeth and he can say momma and dadda. He can’t hold himself up yet so he can’t climb or crawl but he can go on his knees. He likes to grab on to things and play with blocks. We enjoyed playing with him, although we had to remind him not to put our toys in his mouth.

IMG_0991 IMG_0998 IMG_0996

We measured baby Andrew with a string and we will use blocks as a math activity next week to measure how many blocks tall he is each time he visits, documenting the growth.

IMG_0994 IMG_0993

We also got to meet McCoy who is a black labrador puppy. He was so cute and little and he loved kissing us and climbing in our laps. Since McCoy was only 7 weeks old, it was amazing how much more mobile, active, noisy and playful he was, compared to baby Andrew who was quite a bit older than him.


We wrote a journal entry about our new friends!

IMG_1010 IMG_1011 IMG_1012

On Wednesday we welcomed another new friend into our classroom, Korrine from the Bowness Public Library. She came in and told us all about getting a library card and the exciting things we can do with them. She also read us stories and did really fun finger plays with us! Thanks Korrine!


This week we also met our little buddies at the ELC! We joined the Tots class and read our books to them. We practiced telling them stories with the pictures in our books which is something we practice during our Daily Five time.



IMG_1024 IMG_1023

We also continued our Animated Literacy program this week. We did some journaling, met Mimi Mermaid, did a guided drawing of a Mom and practiced our Daily Five Read to Self!

IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1044 IMG_1041

What a busy and exciting week it was! Can’t wait for more excitement next week!

Stay tuned…

~ Miss. Kim

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