Math Tubs in Kindergarten


We are jumping further into math this month in Kindergarten A and the kids are working very well with their math partners to build numeracy and skills that further their enjoyment for math.

Today we started eight new math tubs which will change throughout the course of the year to develop skills and deepen students knowledge and ideas about math further.

These tubs include:

1. Technology Tub – iPads and computers will be used for kids to play with math in a variety of new ways, testing a variety of skills and allowing children to strengthen concepts and skills through engaging and fun activities at the touch of their fingers!


*here Teagan is solving a math problem by sorting the red bricks from biggest to smallest*

2. Math Writing Tub – Here children will work on a variety of math writing skills including practicing writing numbers and math equations.


*here these students are working on strengthening their number printing skills*

3. Sorting Tub – Here students will work together to solve a variety of sorting problems and to work on skills for sorting with numerous attributes, explaining what they are.


*these students are sorting a variety of math manipulatives into groups of colours and animals*

4. Subitize Tub – At this tub, students will practice recognizing subtilized numbers in a variety of different arrangements, allowing them to quickly determine the sum of a series of dots.


*Hona is working with her partner to roll the dice and find the plate with that number shown in a subtilized form (either the same or different from the dice). She is then counting out manipulatives to display the value that subtilized number holds*

5. Surprise Tub – At this tub students will be given a variety of different problems to solve, skills to test and math concepts to master.

IMG_1178 IMG_1177

*Aleksander and Hilary are working together to count out blocks in the appropriate colours found on the unifix cube cards*

6. Counting Tub – Here students will work on counting skills, focusing on mastering one-to-one correspondence and then moving on to addition and subtraction work.


*Here Chloe and her partner are working on math equations. Each child rolls the dice and counts out that many cubes in their 5 or 10 frame squares. They then read their partner the equation: “I have ____, I need ____ to get to 5 (10, 20, 50, 100 etc)”*

7. Patterning Tub – At this tub, students will work on a variety of patterning skills, including mastering AB, ABC patterns, and moving into more complex patterns with the recognition of them in their world outside of school.


*Here Penny and Theo are working on using body movement to create patterns. They are reading cards and clapping, snapping or patting out patterns to determine what they are (AB, ABC, AABB…)*

8. Math Game Tub – At this tub, students will play a variety of math games that ensure their teamwork abilities, as well as help them with basic counting, adding, subtracting, and more.


*Here students are working together to play a game of Chutes and Ladders. This game allows students to work on counting skills, as well as following the rules of a game*

Math is amazing and we relate it to so many aspects of our lives. Children can connect math to everything they do and I am enjoying working with them to increase their desire to learn more about it and foster that love of learning!

~ Miss. Kim

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