Light Up Jar


A new addition to our KA classroom is our Light Up Jar!

We focus on treating others with respect and kindness while displaying patience. Sometimes we forget the importance of displaying these attributes with each other and our Light Up Jar works to help remind us why being bucket fillers is so essential.

If we have a conflict with a peer or struggle to solve a problem, the jar helps us find ways to bring light to the situation.


Students can choose a stick from the jar and complete the given message. Some ways we bring light to our friends is by:

drawing a picture for our friend

saying kind things to our friend

giving our friend a compliment

inviting our friend to play at recess or centres with us

brainstorming other ways we could fill our friends bucket

The kids enjoy our sparkling gold Light Up Jar and it reminds us how important our friends are to us.

~ Miss. Kim

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