Baby Andrew & Puppy McCoy: Visit #2


Baby Andrew and Puppy McCoy came to our classroom yesterday for our second visit! It was very exciting!

We learned that Andrew grew 8 BLOCKS TALLER since last month! He is now 38 blocks tall! He can also army crawl on his belly and clap his hands while saying “yay”! He is working on adding the words bye and puppy to his vocabulary. He is also working on crawling without slipping on the floor. Andrew can now sit up by himself when last month he was leaning against his mom Stephanie so he wouldn’t fall backwards.

Andrew is so sweet and he likes to giggle for us and smile. We are going to paint his hand print next time he comes for a visit.


Puppy McCoy is SO MUCH BIGGER! We couldn’t believe how much bigger he got in just one month. He had to be on a leash this time because he is getting so strong. He loves to give wet and sloppy kisses and enjoys all the attention!


We did a second journal entry about Andrew and McCoy, writing about the new things baby can do and how much bigger puppy is. We are focusing on writing on the lines with finger spaces between our words and proper letter casing.

IMG_1431 IMG_1430 IMG_1433 IMG_1432IMG_1434

We can’t wait for our third visit with Baby Andrew and Puppy McCoy. Thanks to Stephanie for bringing in her babies for us to observe!

~ Miss. Kim

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