Daily 5 Update

In Kindergarten A we have been working hard during our Daily Five Literacy Stations!

We started with our Read to Self station, exploring books in a variety of ways including reading the pictures, following the words with our fingers and retelling stories we already know.

We recently added our Daily Five Book Bins, filled with books for each child at levels that will support and  increase their reading abilities.

IMG_1442 IMG_1439 IMG_1440

We soon added Read to Someone. Students sit EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) with their partner and look at books together. They either read one story together or take turns reading different stories to their partner.


Last we added Listen to Reading to our literacy stations. Students use a variety of technology tools independently, including computers, iPads, Leapfrog Tag Readers and stereos with books on CD, to listen to reading in a variety of ways.

IMG_1443 IMG_1441 IMG_1438

Students listen to stories and use these technology devices to help assist them in following along and seeing sight words they already know in action.

Next to be introduced is Work on Writing and Word Work.

Check back soon to hear more about these exciting upcoming and new additions to our literacy work.

~ Miss. Kim

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