Math Tubs: Check Out What’s New!

Math Tubs is a wonderful way to engage my kindies in hands-on math activities that they enjoy as much as play because it is a form of play!!! Students are challenged with a variety of skills and enjoy engaging with numbers and math concepts in many new, different and exciting ways.


Our newest Math Game Tub is the fun colour matching game Pengaloo. Students take turns rolling the two coloured dice, picking up two penguins to try and find eggs that match the colour on the dice they rolled. Students enjoy playing this with their peers and work hard to make successful matches.


We have added more challenging sorting materials to our Sorting Tub. Students are now focusing on finding new and more abstract ways to sort items, in this case: buttons! These manipulatives are differing in colour, texture, size, shape, and the students can find more than one attribute to sort. Here Cian is working on sorting all the buttons that are both big and shiny.

IMG_0044 IMG_0043

A new and exciting app on our iPads is Subitize Tree by Doodle Smith Ink that we play at the Technology Tub. This app helps us to focus on our subtilizing skills (instant recognition of a set of objects) in fun and challenging ways. We get to work at collecting animals to complete each level, making the game more difficult in a variety of ways as we move along. This app is on the Apple App Store for only $0.99.



We are also working on building skills and recreating given objects with blocks at our Surprise Math Tub. Here students work on using the unifix cubes to recreate a variety of animals and objects out of blocks. Masha is recreating a pig using pink blocks. Nathan is working on creating a fireplace.

IMG_0050 IMG_0051

At the Patterning Tub students are working on creating and extending patterns with our fun fall and winter themed manipulatives. Here Jensen is using the manipulatives to create a pattern and Branden is reading out his ABC pattern to me!

IMG_0047 IMG_0049

Some of our math tubs will repeat so students can continue to work on the skills that these tubs offer. The Math Writing Tub and the Counting Tub are both popular activities and the students continue to enjoy working on their skills at these stations.

Check back for more updates on Math Tubs in Kindergarten A!

~ Miss. Kim

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