KA: Trapped in a Snow Globe

In Kindergarten A we have been playing with the idea of being trapped in a snow globe. The children have truly enjoyed exploring this topic of inquiry, feeling the excitement, chills and fear of being trapped in a globe of snow.

We started this project off with an introductory video called Knick Knack by Pixar. This video tells the story of a poor little snowman, trapped in a snow globe, and his eagerness and crazy tactics that help him with trying to escape!



We also read the story The Snow Globe Family by Jane O’Connor, which explores the life of the family who lives inside of the snow globe, versus the family living with the snow globe on their fire place mantel.


These too introductory pieces helped the children get a good feel for what being in a globe would feel like. Many of the students thought it would be fun and exciting, where as others felt they would want to escape immediately!

We decided to show our feelings about this in picture form so we headed out into the snow. It was a chilly day and the snow was blowing and we truly felt that our “snow globe” had just been given a HUGE shake.

Some of us were playing in the snow, catching snowflakes on our tongues, others were huddling to stay warm, sledding on our tummies, and some were even punching and kicking to get out.

IMG_3270 IMG_0226

IMG_0227 IMG_0231

IMG_0220 IMG_0219

IMG_0232IMG_0224IMG_0218IMG_0216 IMG_0214

IMG_0211 IMG_0212





We wanted to create a huge snow globe to portray our bodies being stuck inside. We thought about descriptive words to outline our globe so we sat as a group and imagined ourselves freezing cold in a globe of snow. We watched videos of local blizzards and listened to the sounds of blizzards blowing cold snow this way and that way. We put our thinking caps on and brainstormed different words to describe our feelings. We came up with:

Tornado of Snow
Teeth Chattering
Very Cold
Come to ELC and check out our KA bulletin board and see what we wrote about and what we did with our fun snow globe inquiry project!
~ Miss. Kim

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