Kindergarten A: Eager to Get Back At It!

In Kindergarten A this week we jumped right back into our regular routines after the holiday break. It was a snowy and cold week but the kids were so excited to see all their friends and teachers, and especially eager to start working (playing).

IMG_0899 IMG_0897

As many of you already know, I love to make everything fun and engaging so it appears as play. The children have jumped right into many academic activities that they see as play activities, which truly challenge their literacy and numeracy skills in a variety of ways. Daily Five allows the kids to work on literacy skills in play-based ways and Math Tubs engage children in hands-on math that is FUN!

This week I introduced a new letter and character, Ff for Farley Fox. Farley likes to fish for food and fiddle for fun! Students learned how to draw a fox and they wrote stories about a fox who said “I have socks.” The stories were hilarious, some involved smelly socks from the garbage cans, some had socks with clouds of candy and others involved a fox who simply loves socks! The kids love being creative with their writing and seeing their confidence develop for this skill is truly incredible!

IMG_0963 IMG_0967 IMG_0966 IMG_0965IMG_0964

Daily Five continues to be enjoyed by the children. I love how they jump right into their chosen task and stay focused during our “focus minutes”. This allows me to ensure that I am able to assist children where needed and they enjoy staying focused because they have the freedom to choose where they go and what they work on.

IMG_0889 IMG_0895 IMG_0896

Here Hona is working on her writing, creating a beautiful story from a picture prompt. Branden and Aleksander are playing a high-frequency sight word game called ZAP and Hilary and Teagan are enjoying reading together.

This video doesn’t exist

In this video we see Theo and Cian playing a game of Letter Cars, an upper and lower case letter matching game that I created as a part of Word Work. This game helps the kids clear a traffic jam by choosing an uppercase letter card, finding the car with the lowercase letter to match and driving it into the correct parking stall. This video shows the game well, it also displays the children working together as a team, providing assistance if needed!

New Math Tubs were introduced as well this week, further challenging the students in many concepts, specifically focusing on addition and measurement, as well as continuing to work on sorting, patterning and number writing.


Here Chloe and Penny are using unifix cubes to measure the size of various items in our classroom. Some of the things they have to measure are a backpack, lunch kit, crayon, book and many more. This allows them to compare the size of items through their précis measurement.


At this Math Tub students work together to show numbers pictorially. Students draw a number card and a picture card and draw them on their story board. Aleksander is currently drawing, and explaining to his partner, eight flowers at the park and Jensen is showing Cian the seven people he drew at the beach.


At this station students work hard to create math equations. Nathan is explaining his problem to his partner, showing that 7 oranges + 3 eggs = 10 items. Students can also use this station to start working on greater or less than (< >), as well as subtraction.


The iPads are always a hit in my classroom and changing up the apps is important to keep the kids interest, as well as to give them lots of academic choice during free play. This weeks app is a Duck Duck Moose app called Park Math. Children can set the difficulty level from 1-3 and they are challenged in a variety of measurement skills, addition, subtraction, patterning and more!


At this Math Tub, students are challenged to sort cards in unique ways. Some choose to sort by symbol, colour or back image. Once they have shown a sorting rule, they are challenged to play a game of MINE with their partner. This game allows students to flip over a card from their pile quickly with their peer, shouting MINE if they have the biggest card. They are required to complete the sentence, “I win because 10 is bigger than 7” for example.


At this station students are working on subtilized numbers, as well as creating math equations. They shake their dice dome and reveal two numbers. They use the bingo dabbers to recreate the numbers shown on the dice. They then roll the dice that has + or – signs, revealing which type of equation they will solve. Chloe showed me that 3 + 6 = 9 and Penny said 2 + 5 = 7!


At this Math Writing Tub, Masha is working on her number writing skills. This work booklet challenges students to reveal if the number is even or odd, what two numbers can create the given number, drawing it, adding one, taking one away, tracing it, writing the numbers word, as well as using tally marks to show the value. This station provides an array of challenge and excitement and the kids are always excited to colour the numbers once they have completed the work.

Kindergarten is a busy place and in my classroom we enjoy every minute of it because we play our day away!

Happy Weekend!

~ Miss Kim

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