Science is CRAZY COOL!


In Kindergarten A we have been doing some really cool science experiments lately! We started experimenting with our sense of smell, using flavour extracts and balloons. The flavour scent comes through the balloon and students have to guess what scent they smell.

We started with VANILLA EXTRACT! The kids used their sense of smell to try and determine the smell. This brought out cool ideas and memories that the children could recall from the smell. Some kids thought the vanilla smelt like:

mashed up bananas

burnt marshmallows


soda pop

The second flavour extract scent we used was ALMOND EXTRACT! This time the kids related the smell to:


a dentist machine

gummy bears

hand sanitizer

Miss Kim (haha)

It is interesting to see what the children come up with and how these scents can make them think about other aspects or things they have encountered in their lives. Oh science, you are so cool!!!


The next experiment we did was using water beads!

We dropped orange and red water beads into water and left them over night. When we returned to school, what we saw was amazing!


The kids created hypothesis to try and guess what might happen to the beads and when we saw the bouncy, squishy and wet marble-like balls, we couldn’t believe it!


This led us to the discussion of ABSORPTION! We determined that the water beads absorbed the water and increased in size because of it. What was even cooler was that the beads formed into a jelly like substance although we originally thought that if we squeezed the balls, water would EXPLODE out!

IMG_1098 IMG_1093 IMG_1101

We loved playing with these bouncy water absorption beads so much that we turned it into a sensory table station during centres!

IMG_1116 IMG_1123 IMG_1140


Check back soon for more awesome kindergarten science experiments in Kindergarten A!!!

~ Miss Kim

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