Weaving a Friendship Web

This week we have spent extra time focusing on being good friends and what that means. We decided to build a friendship web as a community. To start this we read Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. Being introduced to the idea that kindness causes a beautiful ripple effect, we wanted to focus on how we could create one in our classroom.


We started with a ball of yarn and passed it to a friend that we wanted to share a kindness with. Students focused on sharing kind words that weren’t based solely on physical attributes. Some of the things they said were:

~ “I like your colouring”

~ “I like when you play with me”

~ “I like when you are always so kind to me”

~ “I like when you play at recess with me”

IMG_2354 IMG_2356

IMG_2357 IMG_2358 IMG_2359

After we focused on sharing our kindnesses with each other, we stood up and saw how our web was connected. We saw how we were all connected through our kindnesses in our very own ripple effect of sweet/caring words.

It was such a beautiful thing!


We will be using this idea throughout our daily efforts in Kindergarten, focusing on spreading kindness to others as much as we can!

~ Miss Kim

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