Busy Week for Kindies!

In Kindergarten A this past week we were super busy with our new inquiry project (Who Would Win!?), new play centres, new Daily Five stations, a new math Estimation Jar project, and of course… TONS OF FUN!


Our inquiry project has been a blast so far, the students love it!

 IMG_2482 IMG_2505

We have introduced a new Play Centre: Sand Table, into our classroom which we are loving! Exploring with sand is so much fun!

IMG_2478  IMG_2476IMG_2373

For Daily Five we have introduced a very fun Alphabet Bingo game for Word Work, new apps on the iPads for Listen to Reading and Word Work, as well as a magnetic alphabet game that helps us with sounding out words by blending letter sounds together!

IMG_2519 IMG_2520

We have started a Math Estimation Jar as well! Every Thursday our Estimation Jar will be filled with something new and we have to guess how many of that item are inside the jar. We will work to count and discover the total, graphing our results along the way!

IMG_2544 IMG_2545

In Art Class with Ms. Lennon we did Alphabet and Number Abstracts too! SO COOL!

What a busy week it has been in Kindergarten A but we are always having so much fun!!

~ Miss Kim

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