Who Would Win Inquiry Project in KA!

Our exciting new inquiry project, Who Would Win, is starting off very well with tons of excitement and eagerness to discover!


We began this project by reading Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton and Tom Lightenheld. This book is a fun intro to our project that allows the children to look at the competitors they have chosen in a variety of ways, none that include fighting each other to the death. By taking out the violence of who would win in a battle to the death, we have opened up a variety of new doors to explore. In the book Shark vs. Train, the shark and train compete in a variety of ways that are silly and fun, yet very thought-provoking for the students.


in this picture the train would clearly win on the railroad tracks, just like how the shark would win in the ocean. The train would also win on a seesaw because he is much heavier than a shark would be.


However when we look at these pictures, the shark would win in a hot air balloon because he is lighter than the train. The train would win roasting marshmallows because he is dry and has hot steam to roast them successfully, whereas the shark is wet and would put out the fire.

Exploring their two animals in this creative and imaginative way, focusing on who would win in a variety of different/silly circumstances, allows for the kids to explore much more of the curriculum. We can look at weight and height for mathematics, what they eat and where they live will dive into more social studies and science related discussions, and of course, the beautiful, creative ideas that come from the children, and that they display through words and writing, expands on their literacy skills even more!

To start off this exciting project we first had to select our two animals that we wanted to have compete. Having this project be student-driven is so much fun! The kids came up with some very fun combinations that will be interesting to explore such as:

Honey Badger vs. Tasmanian Devil

Cheetah vs. Shark

Piranha vs. Lion

Horse vs. Unicorn

Raccoon vs. Mouse

Dragon vs. T-Rex

and the list goes on….


Once we knew which animals we wanted to compete, we started creating a diagram of our animals, listing some of the things we are interested in researching about them. We thought it would be important to discover what our animals eat, what their bodies look like, how smart they are, how tall they are, how much they weigh and where in the world they are most commonly found.

IMG_2496 IMG_2500 IMG_2499 IMG_2498 IMG_2497

The students were very eager to get started, questioning the outcomes of their ideas right away!

To continue introducing this project and getting more involved with our two animals, we did a journal entry about our animals and what they would do if they met. We started our sentence out as:

If a ________ met a _________ they would …

The kids came up with some hilarious and very interesting ideas about their animals. Here are a few examples of their work:

IMG_2540IMG_2541 IMG_2542

IMG_2533 IMG_2534 IMG_2530


The students are thrilled to be doing this inquiry project and can’t wait to get started with their research! I have taken out a variety of books from the library about their animals and they will be working with each other, teachers and their grade four buddies to do some research and find out more about their animals so they can start creating the stories of:


Stay tuned for more excitement…

~ Miss Kim

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