Baby Andrew: Visit #5


Baby Andrew came in for a visit on Wednesday this week and did we ever miss seeing him! He is such a happy baby and tons of fun to be around, spreading his smiles and giggles to all of us!

Watching his growth continue has been a beautiful journey for my friends and I in Kindergarten at River Valley School! Andrew just celebrated his first birthday on March 3 and we were excited to celebrate this with him through play and song!

IMG_2705 IMG_2703

To continue our growth inquiry project with Andrew we started by measuring him. To so do we used string and then followed up as a class to measure the string with unifix cubes, connecting this to our measurement unit in the curriculum. Andrew is now 41 cubes tall and started out as 30 cubes tall when we first met him over five month ago! He is growing so much, RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! It is incredible!

IMG_2712 IMG_2715

We also get a painted hand print from Andrew every time that he comes to visit so we can see how much his hands are growing too! He is getting so good at doing this and his hands are getting bigger too!


Each time Andrew visits we do a journal entry about some of the new things that he can do or say! This time we were SHOCKED to discover that he now has eight teeth, he can stand up on his own and he can say more words such as “all done”. Documenting this in journal form allows us to have documentation of his visits so we can look back on his growth and see his progress throughout each visit, putting together questions for future visits!

We are all working on reading our own writing now too so we were excited to read our journal entries to Andrew’s mom, Mrs. Stephanie!


Now that Andrew is big enough to play with us, we always look forward to playing together after we are done our writing, using blocks and building tools!

IMG_2721 IMG_2719IMG_2727

We also make sure we have time to talk to Andrew lots, give him cuddles, clap and blow kisses (one of his favourite things to do).

This video doesn’t exist

Next time Andrew visits we want to take him to our school playground! We can’t wait!

~ Miss Kim

2 thoughts on “Baby Andrew: Visit #5

    • That is wonderful to hear Caroline, I am so glad! It is very fun to be involved in Andrew’s life and the kids can’t believe the changes that happen month to month with him!! Truly an incredible experience!

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