Don’t EVER Forget to PLAY!


Play is so important to all of us, especially to children, and therefore I make it a requirement in my classroom EVERY SINGLE DAY! Learning through play opens up so many doors for creative freedom, inquiry, whole-body learning and imagination. Children are never just playing, they are always learning through their efforts, engaging with peers or independently. Promoting play should be a requirement at all ages and the excitement and fun we display through play is beautiful! An incredible quote by Diane Ackerman states that “play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”, so why not encourage play on a daily basis? Children ARE learning when they are playing and play reveals itself in so many forms. It truly is an incredible thing to play… cherish it!

Here are some recent examples of how we play daily in Kindergarten A!

At our Art Studio Play Centre, children have been enjoying building hand-crafted puppets from their art and cutting skills, attaching these to popsicle sticks to create a puppet on a stick!




I can’t wait to see what the children come up with for their puppet show presentations, tying the Art Studio Play Centre to the Dramatic Play Centre!

Another form of play is RECESS! Who doesn’t love recess!? Children in Kindergarten A work with their peers and other students from different classes at recess to engage in a variety of play activities including role play games, digging, playground activities and sports!

IMG_2677IMG_1453 IMG_2674 IMG_2672IMG_2789IMG_0899

The Dramatic Play Centre is always a favourite in our classroom! The children love to play house, restaurant, grocery story, family, the list goes on and on! The things the children come up with, say and do during dramatic play, are so exciting and engaging, it’s amazing!


Building is a big favourite in our classroom, whether it is creating a house out of wood blocks or sticks, creating the new Death Star out of little Lego, baking a tasty cake out of play dough or bringing to life a castle built for Elsa and her pony entourage, building can take on so many forms and the children’s creativity will flourish with the possibilities!


Being able to play is a crucial part of life, whether you are a child or an adult. It is important to take time to have fun, be silly and thoroughly enjoy what you are doing! Incorporating play into the curriculum is fun and makes learning a more valuable experience for everyone! A quote I read recently on Twitter stated, “we must rekindle our playful spirit so that we nurture it in children. As we play, we will inspire children to play as well” @VinceGowmon. I love to play and be silly, it makes me feel happy and joyful! I feel that sharing this with my students and co-workers helps to inspire them to feel the same way too. Allowing our students to engage in play with their teachers is just as important too! It is important to show them that we too LOVE to play!

 People seem to stop playing when they get older and I personally don’t get it. Why stop? Our most joyous moments come from play so I say, jump in already because there is so much to explore through play!

IMG_2797 IMG_2862 IMG_2861IMG_2462


Enjoy playing for these moments should be treasured 🙂

~ Miss Kim

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