Play is the Work of Childhood

After a wonderfully restful Spring Break… like this one:


we were all very excited to get back into the swing of things at school!

Our Daily Five program and Play Centres are some of our favourite things to do and adding a few new additions to the mix has been very exciting for us!

For Daily Five we added:

The Magnetic Alphabet – This station provides children with the opportunity to use their literacy skills to spell out common words with magnetic letters. Children select a card and then use their abilities to blend and segment letter sounds together to make words, to spell the word out on the magnet board.

IMG_3440 IMG_3439   IMG_3448The children get very excited when they make words with independence!!!

Word Family Eggs – At this station students take the colourful eggs from our egg carton and spin the letters around to make out words that they can sound out and read. Each egg represents a different common word family such as the _at family, which is made up of words like bat, fat, hat, mat, cat, sat, etc.

IMG_3444 IMG_3445 IMG_3447


The children work hard to complete all 12 eggs at this station, reading the words that they put together as they go. Children also support each other by helping with sounding words out if they get tricky or find themselves stuck on a specific blend.

Word Family BOOM – At this station the children use four common word families, _at, _an, _ack and _op, and work with a peer to try and put all the words into their correct word family. Students draw the balls one at a time from a MYSTERY BAG, read them to their peer and then throw them into the correct word family pitcher. The object of the game is to put all the words into their correct family BUT, if a child draws a BOOM ball, they are required to empty one family back into the mystery bag.




The children love this game because they get to be active by throwing around the styrofoam ping pong balls, as well as it provides them with ease when sounding out words.

ZAP – This game is a continued favourite among the children for practicing their sight words. They love how the words continue to get more and more difficult in the game (as we learn new sight words) and they always have a good laugh when they pull a ZAP and have to start over!


For Play Centres we added:

Fun Puzzles and Board Games – At this centre the children can explore through play with a variety of challenging puzzles and board games. A couple favourites are Picture Charades, Mario Memory and the MASSIVE Dinosaur Puzzles!

IMG_3404 IMG_3414

A Picnic in the Park – Children have a blast at this new drama centre with their peers! They work hard together to prepare a beautiful meal and enjoy a lovely picnic in the park. Having drama centres in your classroom open so many doors for exciting stories to be told and acted out by the children! It is truly amazing!

IMG_3432 IMG_3422 IMG_3431IMG_3430IMG_3420

I personally love being invited out to an afternoon picnic in the park with my friends!


Coming Soon to the Drama Centre: Outdoor Camping Adventures!

IMG_3502 IMG_3501

Mrs. Elsayed in Kindergarten B created a fabulous camping centre for the kids and our friends in Kindergarten A can’t wait for a chance to try it out!

I love making all learning a whole body experience for the child! Regardless of if we are working on our number skills in Math Tubs or our literacy skills with our Daily Five and Animated Literacy programs, or simply exploring during recess and play centres, remember that “play is the work of childhood” ~ Jean Piaget

Don’t Forget This

~ Miss Kim

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