Friday Special: Under the Sea


Are you ready to explore Under the Sea with us? Have you been waiting to get your feet wet and taste the salt of the ocean? Dive in and join us for an incredible journey that takes you through the lives of mammals, fish, crustaceans, predators and humans of the sea. Prepare to be amazed and dazzled while getting your hands busy with fun activities, games and art projects that will truly engulf you in a sea of wonder!

For the third Friday Special this year at River Valley School, Miss Danielle and I are thrilled to dive into the sea with our students!

Friday Specials is an incredible way that our school goes above and beyond the curriculum!  Offering a variety of new and exciting opportunities, our students have options to explore areas they normally wouldn’t be exposed to! It’s AWESOME!

This week in Under the Sea, we discovered humans of the ocean, specifically focusing on scuba divers!

The best part was… we became the scuba divers!

We looked at a video about scuba divers, recognizing some of the amazing things they can come upon under the sea.


We then went on our very own DIVE!

We put on all of our VERY IMPORTANT scuba gear, including our wet suit, our flippers, goggles and oxygen tank!

IMG_3640 IMG_3642 IMG_3643 IMG_3646 IMG_3648 IMG_3650 IMG_3658 IMG_3657 IMG_3655 IMG_3654

We had to walk to our boat backwards in our flippers so we didn’t trip and once we were out to sea, we plugged our nose and fell into the ocean backwards for an adventure of a lifetime!


We swam around the ocean for awhile! There was so much to see and lots of bubbles everywhere but we had to make sure we had enough time on our oxygen tanks! Thank goodness we had a few friends fill up our tanks for us!

IMG_3630 IMG_3627

Once we got to the Barrier Reef we saw sharks, dolphins, mermaids, eels, squid and lots of fish!

IMG_3637 IMG_3636 IMG_3635



Once our oxygen tanks were empty we had to come back to shore. A snack was needed after all that swimming and then we drew ourselves as scuba divers under the sea!




What an incredible journey it was!

We can’t wait till next week when we get to learn all about fish of the ocean!

~ Miss Kim

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