EGGS: A Community Display of Creativity

In Kindergarten last week we decided to create a painting that showcased our class in an exciting way! We put our heads together and created something funky and unique, truly showcasing our personalities and the love we share in our classroom community.


The process for making this art piece was an absolute blast! What an adventure!

We started by having each child, and teacher, choose a line on our canvas. They were only allowed one line and they could have it go ANYWHERE or ANYWAY on our canvas.


Once we chose our line, we got ready to have some fun with EGGS and PAINT!


Miss Kim filled 54 eggs with a variety of colourful paints, including sparkly paint…of course 😉 We were ready to start chucking our eggs!

When we got outside on the playground, we decided to stand high up so we could throw the eggs down, forming a SPLAT effect, rather than a SPLAT and DRIP effect.


We had a blast throwing our eggs and watching them EXPLODE colour all over our beautiful canvas! Take a look at some of the fun we had together!

IMG_5830 IMG_5834 IMG_5835 IMG_5843 IMG_5840 IMG_5853 IMG_5849 IMG_5855

We were all COVERED in paint, some more than others, and we had so much fun getting messy while using our imaginations and creating something new!

IMG_5858 IMG_5861 IMG_5874IMG_5870


After finishing, we let our beautiful painting sit and dry over the weekend!


On Monday, we were ready to get started with peeling the tape (which was a very challenging process) and then making our marks with our names.


IMG_5981 IMG_5984 IMG_5983 IMG_5985

Each child filled their line, skipping over intersecting friends lines, with their name in all kinds of writing! Big, small, curly, dotted, backwards, you name it, the kids did it!


The end result was an incredible community piece, representing the colour, excitement and vibrancy that each of us has brought to our year in Kindergarten! The children were excited to showcase this at our Flying Up Celebration this week at the Early Learning Campus and they are all looking forward to Grade One!!!

~ Love: Miss Kim

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