Super Spy Dads


For Father’s Day this year in Kindergarten A, we were excited to celebrate with our Dads! We took off our shoes and socks and put on our spy faces for a little Mission Impossible!

The children in both Kindergarten A and B were so excited to involve their Dad’s in a favourite Phys-Ed tradition at River Valley School!
IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6111 IMG_6116IMG_6122 IMG_6129 IMG_6150 IMG_6128 IMG_6123 IMG_6140

To re-energize after all the hard spy work the kids and their Dad’s did, they all enjoyed some delicious iced tea, strawberries and cookies!

IMG_6157 IMG_6152


The children all had so much fun spending time with their Dad’s for Father’s Day. They enjoyed giving them their paintings and spice rubs, as well as lots of hugs and kisses!

We LOVE our Dads!

IMG_6148 IMG_6144 IMG_6143 IMG_6141 IMG_6139 IMG_6132 IMG_6130 IMG_6127 IMG_6125 IMG_6120 IMG_6124 IMG_6137

~Miss Kim


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