Imagination Fabrication


In Kindergarten A we were discussing the importance of being creative and using our imaginations! Every single one of us is unique in our own ways and it is important to find out how to express this. When talking about this we also came up with concerns regarding how being creative and using our imaginations can take time. Is this okay!?! In a world where everything we do is so instant and completed with the click of a button, it can get stressful even thinking about taking longer than an instant. Sometimes to be creative and gather information/details from your imagination takes LOTS of time and that’s okay! If “imagination is the highest form of research”, according to Albert Einstein, doesn’t research take time too? Of course it does and as educators it is important to instill a confidence in children to take time with creativity, honing in on their true imaginations as much as possible.

We decided to do a little creativity project to see if taking time helped us with being more creative in the long run.

What we did:

I filled my table top trays with random items, including:

pipe cleaners



coloured styrofoam





Children were given 5 minutes to create whatever they wanted with the materials given. The buzz in the room was incredible!

This video doesn’t exist

I observed as the students all created so intently. Once 5 minutes was up, the timer beeped and all items were put down. The children were asked what they made. Some children came up with crazy ideas, others were not entirely sure what they had built and some had made and destroyed a few things, not coming out with an end result at all. The children deconstructed their items and were ready to start again, this time with 10 minutes given on the clock.

IMG_8333 IMG_8346 IMG_8358

This round the children spent more time talking about their creations and verbalizing while building. They used different materials in new ways and at the end of this round, the children discovered that they had more time to create something with more detail. The children had a much easier time giving descriptions regarding what their creation was or how it worked!

Here are a few examples of the end results:

IMG_8376  IMG_8374 IMG_8375  IMG_8369IMG_8366  IMG_8370

We also discovered as a group that some children were faster builders than others and some children enjoyed spending more time thinking before creating. I explained to the children that all of these different ways of creating and building was correct. There is no wrong way to use your imagination and create something and the children were all very proud of the end results that we showcased in our school hallways for all to see!

Here are a few videos of some creations explained!

This video doesn’t exist

This video doesn’t exist


~ Miss Kim

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