Safety City – Being a Safe Pedestrian & Cyclist


This week was a very exciting one, filled with many new experiences and fun things to do. A highlight from our week in Kindergarten was our field trip to Safety City! We were all very eager and excited on the bus trip there, we couldn’t wait to see what would await us!


IMG_8882 IMG_8883 IMG_8885

Once we arrived, we were delighted by the warm weather and excited to meet Ms. Jen, our Safety City teacher.


Ms. Jen taught us all kinds of exciting things about pedestrian and cyclist safety. We learned about using a crosswalk safely, following the lights at traffic intersections, crossing the road carefully and more.

IMG_8899 IMG_8901 IMG_8903

Some of the signs we learned about included:

IMG_8910 IMG_8911 IMG_8912 IMG_8913 IMG_8914 IMG_8915

Stop, Yield, Pedestrian Crossing, Maximum Speed Limit, Playground Zone and Train Crossing.

Once we had learned lots about road safety, we were ready to take our skills to the streets, the Safety City streets!


Half our class was set up as drivers (tricycle riders) on the road and the other half were pedestrians (walking). The children had to abide by all traffic lights and signs, ensuring the safety of both parties. Here they are in action:

IMG_8919IMG_8925IMG_8928IMG_8934IMG_8937IMG_8941IMG_8947IMG_8950IMG_8952IMG_8954IMG_8961IMG_8962IMG_8940IMG_8951IMG_8931IMG_8930IMG_8927IMG_8956IMG_8949 IMG_8946 IMG_8944 IMG_8936

We had such a blast practicing our skills on the roads that we couldn’t wait to share what we learned at home!


We were also excited to enjoy our snack in the beautiful sun, as well as watch a short film about street safety!


We ended our trip with a fun game of Red Light, Green Light and we were ready to pack our bags and head back to school!

We had such a blast at Safety City and enjoyed learning all about how to be safe in our community both at school and home! We also felt more confident being a pedestrian and a cyclist while being very SAFE!

If you live and teach in Calgary, I would highly recommend a Safety City field trip! The 90 minute visit was filled with so much good information for the kids to learn and the set-up was so much fun! The kids had such a great time! Here is the link to Safety City if you are interested! Very worthwhile!

~ Miss Kim

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