Welcome to Kindergarten Baby Sophia


Sophia is an adorable and sweet baby girl who comes to visit us once a month in our Kindergarten classroom. My FABULOUS teaching partner last year, Mrs. Elsayed, left for her maternity leave for this little cutie and we are so excited that we get to meet Sophia and watch her growth throughout the year. This program is fabulous, tying to Roots of Empathy, and it allows the children in Kindergarten to ask questions, witness growth and observe the excitement of a baby’s first year of life.

We started our visits with Sophia on October 15th. The children put their heads together to brainstorm questions we could ask about our new friend. Some of the things the Kindergarten kids wanted to know were:


With our first exciting visit we discovered that at three months old, Sophia weighed 16 lbs, she had lots of hair, no teeth and could only communicate through crying or noise making. We measured Sophia with yarn and counted out blocks to see how many blocks tall she was.



She was 29 blocks tall!

IMG_9824 IMG_9836 IMG_9853

Mrs. Elsayed brought in some photos of baby Sophia with her family, shared some of Sophia’s toys with us, and she showed us what Sophia sleeps in.

It was so exciting to meet Sophia and we are excited to visit with her each month and watch her grow. We even had a Baby Care play centre, helping us understand and get to know how to care for a sweet little baby like Sophia!

IMG_9814 IMG_9815 IMG_9816 IMG_9817 IMG_9818

For our second visit with Sophia on November 18, she had already shown tremendous growth.

IMG_0861 IMG_0858

She weighed in at 17 lbs and went from wearing a size one diaper to a size three!


We measured her with yarn and discovered that she had grow by one more block, making her 30 blocks tall!

IMG_0843 IMG_0853

We learned that Sophia loved to spread out her arms during tummy time, making an ‘airplane’ shape with her body. It was very cute and the kids enjoyed watching her! They couldn’t understand why she was doing that and one child said:

“we don’t know what she is doing because we aren’t in her body”


We completed a chart to show all the things we learned about Sophia this visit and we disvcovered lots, including:

– she only drinks milk, she does not eat real food

– she sleeps in a crib and is doing sleep training

– she still has no teeth but is drooling more

– she has longer hair but has a bad spot on the back of her head

– she wants Mom’s attention all the time and makes loud and annoying sounds to get it


We can’t wait to have her visit us again in December!

Stay tuned!!!

~ Miss Kim

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