Snow Much Fun!

In Kindergarten A we’ve been enjoying getting ready for the holidays and our upcoming winter break! We LOVE playing outside at recess and the falling snow has gotten us all in the mood for making snow angels, snow forts and snowmen!

IMG_0993 IMG_0992

IMG_0881 IMG_0878

To bring a little of that snow magic into the classroom we have been creating a variety of exciting snow-related things such as snowmen, marshmallow towers and sugar cube igloos!

For our snowman art, we recognized that all snowmen are unique and different, just like us! We read the story, “Snow Happy to Be Here: The Slightly Silly Story of the Snowblatt Family” by Cheryl Hawkinson. We then created 3D paint by adding white glue to shaving cream. Once mixed, it turned into a paste that was fun to touch and paint with using our fingers! We all added different details to our snowmen to make them all look unique and special. The coolest part was that when you touched the dried paint we made, it felt soft and fluffy like REAL SNOW!

Since this time of year we think lots about yummy marshmallows with hot chocolate or eating the hardened marshmallows on our gingerbread houses, we decided to make marshmallow towers – relating this to our inquiry project about building. The children were given toothpicks and marshmallows and started creating! The towers and structures they came up with were AMAZING!!! And of course, eating the marshmallows at home later on was a delicious treat!

IMG_1645 IMG_1643 IMG_1644

For another fun project, attached to our continuously ‘building’ building inquiry project,  we decided to create snow igloos with sugar cubes and glue! Building with a variety of materials allows the children to act as ‘little engineers’, working hard to solve problems such as “why does this keep falling over” or “how can I make the base stronger”. It also allows them to compare different materials, recognizing which items are stronger or weaker, as well as which items allow you to build higher up or wider and outwards.



We really did have SNOW much fun!!!

~ Miss Kim

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