Baby Sophia Visit #3


On December 17 Baby Sophia came and visited us for the third time in Kindergarten A! She was all decked out for the holidays, as were all the children, including Miss Kim the elf!


Baby Sophia, being 5 months old now, has shown growth in her height, weight and differing abilities since we first met her in October. She maintained the height of 30 blocks from November to December, although she did gain two pounds, increasing her overall weight to 19lbs!

Some of the interesting things we learned about Sophia this month were that she is teething and has different toys to chew on to help her with this.

She has started to sit up with help and can roll over on her own! She also enjoys playing the game feet peek-a-boo! This game always results in lots of giggles! We even discovered that she likes to suck on her toes sometimes!!! We thought this was so funny but decided we would all avoid trying it since we walk on our feet and she does not… yet 🙂

This video doesn’t exist

The KA students love watching her interact with them and enjoy listening to the giggles and different sounds that she makes!


One of our favorite things to watch baby Sophia do is the “airplane”. Every time we see her she loves doing this and when we all giggle, she can’t help but do it more!!!


We are all looking forward to having baby Sophia visit us in January! We can’t wait to see how much she grew over the holidays!!!

~ Miss Kim

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