For the LOVE of Technology… A Series!!!


As most people who follow my Twitter feed or blog know, I am a huge advocate for using technology in the classroom. As long as it is used as a tool to further enhance the child’s learning experience, I am thrilled to introduce it to my students and other educators, giving them the tools necessary to be successful with it. So many people struggle with the idea of technology and education, specifically early education, and whether or not it is beneficial for the child. I personally believe that it all depends on how the technology is being used in the classroom. It is up to us as educators to ensure children are taught how to use these devices appropriately to benefit their learning, rather than allowing them to zone out and get sucked into it without purpose. I would like to discuss some new technology that I have introduced to my Kindergarten students over a few blog posts. I will explain how it is used and how the children benefit from it. I will discuss and review Seesaw, Osmo and Tiggly. I will also explain how some common devices found in classrooms, such as Smart Boards and simple Internet connection, can lead us to many extraordinary ways to integrate technology for the good!




So for the love of technology… LET’S DO THIS!

… stay tuned …

~ Miss Kim

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