Baby Sophia – Visit #4

Baby Sophia is growing so much every time we see her!


We had a lovely visit from her on January 19th when she was 6 months old and we were impressed to see how much bigger she had gotten! She also seems to be getting cuter if that’s even possible!

For this visit we discovered that Sophia had gained one pound, weighing in at a total of 20lbs! She also grew FIVE blocks taller, making her a total of 35 blocks tall (or long)!


We also learned that Sophia was starting to eat real food such as chicken, sweet potatoes and peas (puréed). She grew into much bigger diapers too!


Sophia is able to sit up with very little support now and can use her arms to hold herself up while lying down. She is getting so STRONG!

We were also excited to learn about the fancy tool Mrs. Elsayed uses to carry Sophia around. She was able to hold Sophia on her body, just like a back pack!

 She also had a really neat blanket/sweater that helped to keep both mom and baby warm! Sophia’s head stuck out of it and the rest of her body was nice and toasty warm!

Our visits with Sophia are always lots of fun and we all enjoy giggles and laughs with our sweet little friend as we watch her grow up!

This video doesn’t exist

Until next time 🙂

~ Miss Kim

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