Living Green in KA


Kindergarten A has decided to take part in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge to help protect and take care of our environment.

Children are encouraged to complete a variety of challenges to help reduce their energy use and to take care of the environment.

Sign our pledge here and join us in our endeavors to make our world a greener and healthier place! We are looking to get 150 pledges!!

Kindergarten A is full of TIPS and TRICKS to save energy! Here are a few we are happy to share:


“Take the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators. They use energy and we are living green!”

“Turn off the lights when you are going to bed, when you are leaving work or if you are leaving your house or office. We do this so we don’t waste energy!”

“Turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat, close all the windows and turn off or unplug all of your devices before you go on a vacation. This will save your batteries and save energy while you are away!”

“Don’t waste water! To save water, turn off the tap when your brushing your teeth, or when you are finished washing your hands!”

“Ride your bike to school instead of driving!”

“Walk instead of driving!”

“Turn off the telephone when you are done talking with the person on the telephone!”

“Change your light bulbs to the light bulbs that don’t use so much energy.”

“Try to use the bus or c-train to get to school or work. This is better than everyone driving separate cars! Use CARPOOLING!”

“Turn down the thermostat when you go to bed because it can make your house too hot and you are wasting energy, plus you stay warm at night by wearing pajamas and blankets!”

“Cook with lids on your pots or pans because it takes longer to cook and wastes more energy when you don’t have a lid!”

Check out the video we made using Shadow Puppet!

This video doesn’t exist

We can’t wait to share with you more about our energy saving excitement! Tonight we are eager to go without an energy using device to see how long we can last without it! Wish us luck!

~Miss Kim

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