Challenge: Recycling is FUN!

Our Living Green project continues to captivate our excitement and imaginations, as well as fill our minds with important concepts to think about. We are so eager to keep our environment safe and healthy!


Over the past few weeks, we have completed several challenges, discussing topics including eating locally, reducing phantom power, recycling, and green transportation to name a few! The children have truly jumped on each challenge we have completed, inquiring about how we can best complete this, share it with others, and take our learning home with us! We are excited to share some of our challenges with you!

Challenge: Recycling is FUN!

Recycling is INCREDIBLE and we need to ALL do what we can to help save our environment by recycling items such as glass, metal, plastic and paper. For this activity, children learned all about the different ways these items are recycled and the different processes they all go through. We split up into 4 groups, each representing one of the above items to recycle. We were able to create and draw items made out of these materials, and explain how the recycling process works!


The children were excited to discover what happens to our everyday items, and what magnificent things they can be turned into once recycled!


Once we completed this challenge, we started saving up recycled items in our classroom. Guess what we turned them into?! ART OF COURSE!


We had our Grade 1 Buddies join us in turning our recyclable items into gorgeous pieces of art. The sky was the limit with this project and the kids turned our classroom into a CREATION ZONE! I felt like I should have put up caution tape stating:


See for yourself:

The amount of tape and glue, ripping and folding, sticking and cutting that happened was awesome! The children showcased their creations in the form of an Art Gallery, inviting parents and other students to view what they made!


Follow our blog to see more exciting challenges… coming soon!

~ Miss Kim

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