UDDerly Fun, FARMtastic Adventures!

We visited the fabulous Butterfield Acres and it was an ABSOLUTE BLAST!


We started our day out early, getting right onto the bus and traveling to our fun-filled farm destination!


Once there, we split into our groups and started our day!



We set up camp at the Tee Pee Forest and started on our adventure hike through the woods. We had to read all the signs to tell us where to go, and what to look for! It was a blast!


On our hiking adventures we found a fairy garden, bugs, bones, trees and LOTS more!

After our hike, some of us spent some time on the tractor playground and it was dusty, dirty fun!

Lunch was a satisfying break for our hungry tummies and afterwards we were ready for some UDDER-ly fun, FARM-tastic exploration!

To start us off, we took a trip on Old Blue, the tractor who moves from SONG POWER!!!


Afterwards, we were ready to explore the farm!

We saw so many incredible animals!!! Ducks, chicks, goats, cows, horses, bunnies and more! I am sure you can all guess which was Miss Kim’s favorite!

Petting the animals was so much fun! We all wanted to take those miniature goats home with us!

We even got to enjoy driving our own mini tractors!! It was fun but definitely hard work in the hot sun!!

FullSizeRender-3 copy 4

To finish off our day, we got to milk a goat! IT WAS SO COOL but look out, some of us got sprayed with milk!

Overall, our Spring baby trip to Butterfield Acres was a HUGE success. The kiddos were exhausted at the end! We all had rosy cheeks, smelt like a farm and had nothing but smiles from ear to ear!

We are so excited to have some more fun with Spring babies, watching our very own baby caterpillars morph into beautiful spring butterflies!

More excitement to come… stay tuned!

~ Miss Kim

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