June Excitement


Wow! This year flew by but boy was June ever INCREDIBLE!

I am so excited that my kindies are Flying Up to Grade One next year! It was sad to say goodbye to some friends not returning next year, but I am very much so looking forward to seeing most of my soon-to-be Grade One kiddos at the Elementary Campus next year!

Here are some of the highlights from our amazing year end time together!

Our Butterfly Release

We cared for our butterflies through every step of their journey. They started as little caterpillars who ate and ate and ATE until they were very BIG, and then the transformation process from chrysalis to butterfly occurred and it was AMAZING to witness! We released 9 gorgeous butterflies into our beautiful Bowness community.


*look closely at this picture… do you see it?! WOW*

Swimming Fun

Throughout May and June we completed six classes of swimming lessons with Shouldice Pool! We had so much fun and enjoyed our time in the water together!

Book Sale

We worked with our friends in Grade 5 at the Elementary Campus to put together a book sale at our school, selling previously loved books and buying new-to-you books! We raised money for Red Cross Canada and Right to Play! The kids loved watching the book boxes fill up. Sorting through them was the best part!



Baby Sophia

Our final visit with Baby Sophia was wonderful! It was so much fun to watch her grow throughout the year and seeing her at 11 months old was so cool! She weighed 22lbs, had 4 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom, and she could walk with support, such as a stroller. It was amazing to see her and Mrs. Elsayed throughout the year! Thank you for joining us Sophia!

Father’s Day Fun

To celebrate Father’s Day we did Mission Impossible with all of our dads! The children had fun letting the dads be spies and helping them make it through our tricky 007 Mission Impossible course! Great job dads! YOU DID IT!

We also worked hard to make our dads awesome gifts for Father’s Day, including beaded bookmarks, paper weight rocks and cards with a unique and wild spin!

KA & KB Mix Up Fun

Since the Grade One classes will be mixed up next year, we had lots of fun getting to know our friends in KB! Here we had fun playing a math game outside in the sun with our new friends!

Flying Up Picnic

To celebrate our accomplishments in Kindergarten at the Early Learning Campus, we had a fabulous year end picnic in the park with our friends from KB! We played on the playground, ate pizza and cake, played soccer, parachute games and had a blast with water balloon fun! By the end we were all soaking wet, laughing and smiling the whole way home! What a FUN way to end our year together!


Summer Time is HERE

This year has been nothing short of AMAZING and I have loved every moment of it! I have learned so much from my Kindergarten A class this year and I will miss them all very much! I hope you all take time this summer to enjoy, have fun and get outside! Have an incredible time! I look forward to seeing you in the fall!


Hugs & Love

~Miss Kim

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