Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since SEPTEMBER!!! If you follow my teaching excitement on Twitter @ClimbandGrow, you will see that we haven’t been MIA. SO much excitement has being going on in Grade 3 and the time has come to BLOG ABOUT IT!!!

I would like to start by saying…


What an incredible school year it has been so far at River Valley School and WOW the growth that has been occurring takes my breathe away. The wonderful little humans in my class have all grown SO much and it is an absolute pleasure to support them and join them in this process!

I would like to continue by saying…


(although I wouldn’t call it a job… more of a calling, or an instinct I suppose… I was reading with a child about animal instincts vs. human instincts, this feels appropriate haha)

So… to catch you up to our current adventures in Grade 3, let’s check out the highlights so far over the past four months! If I share ALL the amazing things we have done, we will be here for AWHILE… so let’s look at …


~as selected by my grade 3 kiddos~

(in no particular order)

  • 1. Our Science Unit: Sounds and Hearing – the kids loved exploring sound, specifically listening to sound effects and classifying them as pleasant or unpleasant noises! The kids also enjoyed creating megaphones to amplify sounds, and making sounds from other experiments with balloons, wax paper, combs, etc.

  • 2. Christmas Celebration – we had a BLAST in December at Christmas time and enjoyed all of our holiday preparations, including visits from Rudy the Reindeer, musical concerts, Christmas candy crackers, and Secret Santa.
  • 3. Dance Performance – this year we had the chance to explore with our bodies by learning Caribbean, Hip Hop, and African dances from Miss Nicole, an incredible instructor from SoundKreations! It was a WHOLE-BODY experience in Phys-Ed!

  • 4. Grade 3 Pictures – at the beginning of the year we had our photos taken on the playground. These were a great way to decorate our lovely Grade 3 hallway and a fun way to start off the year! The kids LOVED posing for the camera!
  • 5. Learning about India – we had a great time learning ALL about India! We had a chance to try on some of Miss Gill’s Indian clothing and we had a parent guest do a fabulous presentation for us, including painting diyas!


  • 6. Field Trips – We had a chance to explore our new Social Studies and Science units by visiting the St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Telus Spark Science Centre. We jumped into our new units on Ukraine and Sounds and Hearing with some amazing hands-on, whole-body learning experiences! Now that’s what I’m talking about!
  • 7. Daily 5 – The kids love our Daily 5 program because it gives them a chance to practice their reading and writing skills in fun, hands-on ways! The kids practice Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Word Work!
  • 8. Halloween Candy Count – this year for Halloween, the kids were asked to find strategies to count their Halloween candy, discovering their overall total. We had a HUGE range of candy pieces and graphed it below. The winner took home a whopping  206 pieces of candy! Om nom nom!!!!


  • 9. Breaking Open Geodes – for our Rocks and Minerals unit in Science, we had the opportunity to put our safety goggles on and smash open some geodes. The glittery, sparkling insides were so much fun to discover, especially after working so hard to smash them open!


  • 10. Skipping Presentation – we had an incredible skipping presentation in our ELC gym which helped to kick off our incredible Jump Rope for Heart campaign! It was wonderful!


Well, there you have it! All the excitement in one place… well not all of it… just a taste!

Here is to the new year and lots of new updates in our fabulous Grade 3 classroom!

Until next time!


~ Miss Kim

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