Guess Where We Went?

Brave Grade 3 teachers at River Valley School…


ventured downtown with 31 eight-year-olds!


We surpassed 802 exhausting stairs and reached an impressive height of 627 feet in the air!


Once at the top


we searched high and low for many gorgeous city landmarks.

img_3153 img_3151img_3152

We even braved the ten-layer thick glass floors… yes it was definitely scary!

* Did you know, the glass floors can hold up to two hippos? … SO COOL!


We learned many cool facts and took time to soak in the beautiful views!

After lunch, we enjoyed building our own towers and testing them for height (minimum 1 meter tall), as well as wind resistance (must survive 5 blasts of wind).

It was harder than it looked… TRUST US!

But don’t worry… we tested, and tested, and tested, until we were ALL successful… and boy was the success SWEET!

Being a scientist is a lot of work, but, SO MUCH FUN!

Now, can you guess where we were?


The Calgary Tower


What an incredible trip! Thank you, Calgary Tower, for having us!!!

Until next time!

~ Miss Kim

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