Testing Materials


In Grade 3 we have been exploring the madness of TESTING MATERIALS in Science! As scientists, we are making sure we conduct “fair tests”, by keeping all materials and variables consistent. One variable can change for the purpose of each test.

Here are some of the experiments we have done so far…

Testing Arches

When building using an arch shape, the mass is distributed more evenly and the bases need to have a solid foundation. Often, you will see arch bases side by side so they support each other!



Testing One Support Pillar

One pillar is not overly stable and does not allow the mass to be evenly distributed, making it harder to carry more mass.


Testing Four Support Pillars

Using more pillars than one, allow the mass to be distributed across a larger area more successfully than a stand alone pillar would allow.


Testing Paper Beams

We tested three different shapes: an accordion fold beam, a rectangular beam, and a box girder. A hollow box shape (like the rectangular beam) is stronger than we thought it would be, same with the accordion fold!


Until Next Time…

~ Miss Kim


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